February 27th, 2012

Self-Promotion EXTRAVAGANZA!



Most of us here are active in fandom. We write, we draw, we gif, we screencap, we mod, we liveblog, we create. We share the joy every way we know how. We also rain praise on the works of others - and it’s well-deserved, because there is so. Much. Awesome out there.

But we neglect our own awesome. Maybe it’s modesty, maybe it’s low self-esteem, maybe it’s just how we were raised, but so many of us are reluctant to put ourselves forward and admit that we are ridiculously awesome, as a certain attractive Antivan elf is wont to say. And we’re all proud of something, more so than any other. A fic, a drawing, a piece of dialogue, a liveblog post, a gif we made, a character we’ve shared with others … doesn’t matter what; there’s something we love.

So here’s my challenge to you all - show us what you’re proudest of. Stand up with that one thing you love the best. Fic, ficlet, dialogue snippet, essay, character, fanart, anything you’ve made that you love, show it. And tell us why. You love it; I want to love it too.

I’ll even start. I’m proudest of a ficlet I wrote as a prompt for @skiesovergideon - the last thoughts of a female mage Warden (Surana, in my case, but I never specified) before slaying the archdemon, without the Dark Ritual being performed. I liked the simplicity of it, the first-person narrative, the sense of wistful joy and somehow unregretful regret in it. I’ve written a lot of things I love, but that one, I think, touches me most.

Your turn!

THis truly is hard. :C Because I’m such a way that I will love it at first…and then I just don’t…let me look through my galleries..

This was something I did a long while ago of my favourite hockey player ever. He still is, too. C: Referenced from a cover of a magazine, but I have always forever loved this. It’s the featured of my non-DA dA. c:

Shopped bg and really long leg. I did this in 09 as well, going by Kanna. C:
It’snot great, but again, something about it..I always have loved it..

My favourite gijinka ever. C: Pira Na.Plante. 

I drew this for the hockey player Darcy Hordichuk. When he was with us. Still 09. Gave it to him personally. C: I hope he still has it.

Ohhhh that’s hard now. I feel like I took a step backwards, really. 

I could only color like this once and I’m so glad it was my Dovah Dekrov.I lovelovelove my Dekrov. C:

I don’t know if I’ll ever finish. But I am still super proud of how /hard/ I worked on this. No pose refs, just my brain. NOW, my Ariqun has changed quite a bit, no longer in white, but black, and I think I changed the Arigena, but I will forever be obsessed with seeing the rest if the triumvirate. Always.

This just embodies me and what I love. I did have a ref, but at least the semi-nice shading is all me.

I have no excuse. D: I just like his ass. DX

I’m so shamefully proud of that little Sebastian there. Because his pose actually looks good! My favourite, despite the other squishes head Seb on the left.

So ther we go? So that I’m proud of and then some..that I just liked. I’m sorry for the pic spam, I really am, but thank you for looking. I really, really have a tremendously hard time finding quality in what I do because I see arguments everywhere on whether refs are good or bad and I use them! Because I’m not..naturally talented enough to see some things on my own. But it helps me learn. Thank you so much for sticking with me through this, thank you. c: Maybe someday I’ll be worth the money you all give me. <33 Thank you SO MUCH for still staying, and have a wonderful rest of the day. C: <33

Welp I can’t really access my PB or Y!Gallery so I might reblog more things I’m proud of later but for right now, here’s things I am!
thirteen hours, start to finish, give or take maybe two to three hours of taking breaksthere was no reason for me to work so hard on this besides the fact I started doing a complicated coloring and really had to finish up the same style, i knew if I didn&#8217;t finish it in one sitting I&#8217;d never go back to it andwellreallyI just wanted to see if i couldDID I DO IT??? I HAVE NO IDEA I AM SO SICK OF LOOKING AT THIS FUCKER LMAOi&#8217;m so freaking tired 
Everything just came out working well for this, seriously. Even the floor I love, I made it myself, no textures or anything. Original post for full size

Here have a sneak peek at a thing I&#8217;m working on! Hopefully I can get the final idea to look good, it&#8217;s proving difficult with some of the trolls, tch.BtSDLB Nepeta &amp; Aradia in sexy underthings ~  
Making silhouettes is fun
But surprisingly TIME CONSUMING.
It’s getting the smoothness of the lines that takes the most time for me. I don’t vector these; they’re all drawn freehand.
This was going to be a series…will probably continue sometime. Original post for full size 

so sometimes you&#8217;re sitting around bored and you&#8217;re like &#8216;i would like to draw a penis&#8217;and you start in and decide to add lips and a tongue and drool because yay lips and mmm drooland you finish the face and realize you&#8217;ve -drawn another goddamn Equius porn pic, Jesus Christ!-but then you realizeit&#8217;s pretty hotyou&#8217;re 0kay with this(srsly why do i keep drawing these fucking trolls xDI love makin his good horn look like a penis tho lolololi am 12)who&#8217;s he suckin off? i have no idea you tell me!send me a note with the owner of the shlong and i&#8217;ll color the pic accordingly and add an &#8216;after&#8217; shot toohaha nobody&#8217;s going to vote for anything what is wrong with me  
yeah I just
love this face
sometimes things just come together well and I do awesome faces
Original post for full size
This style was fun to emulate! And I’m really proud of how I made it look old timey and kind of modern at the same time. And the smooth lines! I so rarely have smooth lines. Again, no vectoring, all freehanded. I don’t know if lightening could strike twice though xD;;;
I wish it would.  
On my DA 

I use this for samples a lot
I just love those faces!! I love them so much and

One of these days I’ll figure out how I did it!

I&#8217;m still working on a Humanstuck! AU, although the idea has evolved a little bit. I&#8217;m debating on making it a romantic dramady. We shall see.At any rate, this is my Tavros Nitram.My goal is to keep his general characteristics but make him the complete opposite of the average fandom interpretation.I am not fond of the average fandom interpretation.I am understanding that by quite a bit. I would say that interpretation has gone so far to actually make me dislike the character in canon. That&#8217;s my issue, I know. But yeah. TAVROS.I may or may not have been inspired by James Dean.(I totally was inspired by James Dean.)  
My fave Tavros I’ve ever drawn
Humanized Tav for a story I may draw some day I hope

And lastly this little thing
I don’t know why I like this so much!
It’s so silly and not really all that complex but I just
love it
I love how I draw Gamzee’s hair  

I like that most of the art I’m most proud of, I am because the faces are good. xD I guess that’s where I put my love the most. 

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